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Who am I, and What am I Doing?

So why me?  What gives me any more skill than any other person to provide advice and suggestions on resume writing, business biographies, or human resource questions?  In short, I have education, experience, and a passion for helping people!   I received my Business Administration Human Resources Diploma in 2005, immediately jumped into a Recruiting position for a temporary agency, soon after that for a large hotel branch, and a period of time after that joined a large heavy-steel manufacturer heading up safety, training, and mass recruiting.  From playing a recruiting role in top company positions and mass hiring production employees, I have read my fair share of resumes (conservative estimate of over 5000), interviewed my fair share of potential employees, and learned some important do’s and don’ts of presenting oneself to a company.  The longer version of my skills and experience is found below; but my goal is to share some key knowledge I have learned in hopes that individuals trying to further their careers or land that perfect job can do so with skill!

In 2006 I began working as a Health and Safety Coordinator for a large “green” company making industrial wind towers.  From Return-to-Work programs and physical studies of each job, to developing lock-out and general safety policies, I was immersed in industrial health and safety, legislation, and best practices.  After gaining extensive knowledge and proving my abilities, I was soon promoted to Human Resources Generalist and then Manager, providing me with a solid foundation of all Human Resources functions including mass recruiting, pension and benefits, union activity, department budgeting, developing and delivering training, and even mass layoffs.  One of my favourite and most challenging projects at this company was implementing a company-wide pay scale by reviewing each skill of each job, charting industry and local wage trends, and applying a complicated matrix that allowed for our employees to gain a competitive wage with competitive profit sharing and benefits.

In 2010 I chose not to return to my Human Resource Manager position after starting a family, and instead I began resume consulting and playing with the idea of making a business out of it.  (For those wondering, being a full-time mom is my ideal job, and I personally think it is the best job in the world!)

3 years later, I am now a busy resume consultant also providing professional writing services for businesses, as well as providing some HR Consulting functions such as answering employee and employer questions regarding employment and safety legislation, developing policies, procedures, and training.  Although resume writing keeps me busy, my favourite writing projects are for businesses; helping them develop mission statements, about us pages, and website content that engages readers and helps secure long-term customer relationships.  Since I only provide my services on a part-time basis, I only take on approximately 5 new clients a week and some weeks are booked well in advance – feel free to send me an email to find out my availability!

I encourage you to read the blogs I have put together that apply to you, ask questions/provide comments, and even suggest future blog topic ideas for me that will help you with your writing needs or employment situation.

I look forward to getting to know my readers, their specific questions and needs, and helping them land that perfect job!

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