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Safety and Employment Requirements for Ontario Businesses

Whether you have been in business in Ontario for decades or are new to “the ropes”, a quick check of the following list can help you determine if you are fulfilling some basic Ontario safety and employment regulations.  Many of the items below deserve their own blog topic, but for summary purposes this is a good list to start with.

How can I help?  With virtually all policies, procedures, programs, and training required by current Ontario legislation, I am able to work with you and your company to develop general or specific programs to meet (and exceed) minimum standards.  My prices are competitive, my services are targeted and personalized for your needs, and my business ethics are top notch.  Feel free to contact me for a free quote!


Posters/What to Post:

  1. Health and Safety at Work: Prevention Starts Here (Poster)
  2. In Case of Injury 1234 (Poster)
  3. Employment Standards Act Poster (Poster)
  4. Up-To-Date Occupational Health and Safety Act
  5. Health and Safety Policy
  6. MSDS Binder
  7. Names and work locations of Joint Health and Safety Committee/Reps
  8. First Aid Kit and at least 1 Certified First Aid Person (Post their name(s) beside/on the kit)
  9. [Policy Manual:  Not required by law but it would help satisfy portions of the ESA and OHSA]


  1. Health and Safety Policy
  2. Workplace Violence Policy
  3. Workplace Harassment Policy

Policies not required by law, but are common among companies:

  1. Attendance Policy
  2. Code of Conduct/Code of Ethics
  3. Supervisor and Worker Safety Responsibilities
  4. Privacy Policy

Required Programs/Training:

  1. WHMIS
  2. Joint Health and Safety Committee/Rep
  3. Workplace Violence Program
  4. Workplace Harassment Program
  5. NEW for July 2014: Health and Safety Awareness Training for Workers and Supervisors


In Case of Injury 1234 Poster

In Case of Injury 1234 Poster

Have questions?  Feel free to comment, or confidentially contact me through my website!

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