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For Everyone…

Professional writing services include resumes, cover letters, petitions, articles, letters, personal biographies, customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction letters, answering employment questions (On safety, human rights, employment standards, etc.) I have extensive experience in business and personal writing projects such as articles, biographies, mission statements, petitions, resumes, cover letters, appeals reports, etc! My writing projects can include appropriate “calls to action”, sales language, and references to legislation such as the Consumer Protection Act, Human Rights Code, and more, making the documents I write for you pack a power punch. Whether you just need someone to review a document for spelling or grammar, or need someone to take your idea and make it a reality, I would be happy to provide you a free quote for your needs!

Pricing (some prices range due to complexity):

  • Resumes: $30-$75 (sometimes more depending on complexity)
  • Cover Letters: $20-$30
  • References: $10
  • Post Interview Thank You Letters: $10-$15
  • The Complete Employability Package: $60+  (includes all of the above plus my tips and tricks to successful interviews and sample interview questions with answers)
  • Document editing and reviewing: Starting as low as 15 per page (depending on complexity and changes needed)
  • Document Writing: Starting as low as $20 per page (depending on complexity, if citing of legislation is needed, research needed, etc.)

What I can’t help with: I cannot provide advice or answers on questions relating to a union contract (since those are specific to unions). Also, if you live/work outside of Ontario or Canada, likely I cannot provide you with employment advice; however, I can still assist with professional writing projects such as resumes.

Payment: I accept paypal, Visa/MasterCard, Email Money Transfers, and cheques written from businesses. Rates do not include required taxes.

“When you hand over your resume/cover letter to someone, I was surprised to find that you feel a bit exposed. Betsy instantly put me at ease and treated my information with respect. When I received my resume and cover letter back, they looked beautiful and had an added layer of sophistication and, above all, gave me credit where credit was due. She not only completed the work in record time, but the high quality of her work has given me a personal boost of confidence knowing that when I walk into any interview, my potential employers are going to have already seen a fantastic snapshot of who I am and what I’ve accomplished. I highly recommend Betsy’s services – worth every penny!” – Shaunna MacQuarrie

I look forward to helping you!

Betsy VandeBeld

Our Professional Services

  • Mediated Employee Meetings
  • HR/Safety Training
  • Accident/Incident Investigations

  • Sexual Harassment Investigation
  • HR Advice

  • Document editing and reviewing
  • Recruiting/Terminations