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New Accessibility Ontario Requirements

That government!  At it again to make things more difficult to run a business in Ontario! Actually, not really…  If you look through the new Accessibility Requirements for businesses in Ontario there are some great improvements on the horizon that will cost businesses very little to nothing […]

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Safety and Employment Requirements for Ontario Businesses

Whether you have been in business in Ontario for decades or are new to “the ropes”, a quick check of the following list can help you determine if you are fulfilling some basic Ontario safety and employment regulations.  Many of the items below deserve their own blog […]

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WHMIS – A Guide for Employers

What is WHMIS? WHMIS stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. WHMIS was designed to ensure the safety of everyone (specifically employees and employers) in the workplace. WHMIS intends to keep workers and employers informed of the hazards associated with chemicals and substances that they may come […]

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