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A Little About Me

about betsy vandebeld

A Little About Me…

I’m an experienced HR Professional from the big corporate world who found her calling servicing the sometimes complicated HR needs of small businesses!  Although I enjoyed the daily challenges of servicing my staff at a large, heavy-steel manufacturer here in the Niagara Region, I had a different calling.  My many years working in a fast-paced and demanding Human Resources Manager role prepared me well for the daily challenges I now experience such as discipline, behaviour conflicts, and high-profile sexual harassment investigations…

I am well equipped to handle your business or personal employment needs!  I have a diploma in Business Administration, Human Resources Management, I was a Manager of Human Resources at a large manufacturing company (over 200 staff), and also specialized in recruitment and health and safety at other points in my career, totaling over 15 years in Human Resources.  Specifically, I have been servicing the ever-changing needs of small businesses in Niagara since 2009.  I have worked closely with WSIB, the Labour Board, Ministry of Labour, the Human Rights Tribunal, Service Canada, as well as many other government offices.

I look forward to helping you!

Betsy VandeBeld

Our Professional Services

  • Mediated Employee Meetings
  • HR/Safety Training
  • Accident/Incident Investigations

  • Sexual Harassment Investigation
  • HR Advice

  • Document editing and reviewing
  • Recruiting/Terminations